Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ways To Support Our Troops

I've stumbled across some interesting blogs lately. Several that are written by Army Wives whose husbands are on active duty. An Army Wife's Life is a very nice blog for several reasons. She chronicles her life as an Army wife, whose husband is in Iraq. She gives insight into what our troops are doing, about her experiences with her first pregnancy while her husband is gone and maintaining her marriage with such a long seperation. She has a great post on Ways To Support Our Troops. In her lastest post she points to an article titled Soldiers Detain Suspected Terrorists, Secure Enemy Weapons Caches that is well worth the read. Another great military wife blog is The Patriette. She points to a good article on A Proper Welcome Home For Iraq Vets. The Patriette is a good read. I found myself reading on her site for a very long time. She has interesting information about being a military wife, interesting articles and nice splash of personal posts with personality.

Sanity's Bluff has some great photos on his blog today. As he says, they speak for themselves. And while you are there, check out his mission statement. Another site I found tonight that I like is A Small Town Veteran. I probably like it cause he's a Vietnam Vet :) He has a good article about the surge in sales of disposable cell phones since the 'al-NYT' broke the NSA 'wiretapping' story as well as many other interesting and thought provoking posts.
His article reminds me of the this guy. There's still been no media coverage of Matt Pottinger's decision to leave his position as a Wall Street Journal Reporter to become a Marine. On returning from a war zone Matt Pottinger said something to the effect of - it seems like the country doesn't realize we are at war. salud