Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito Confirmation Hearings

The confirmation hearing for Judge Alito started today, as most of you know. As I was watching I couldn't help but think of how predictable it all was. The rhetoric was split strickly down political lines. Yawn. The 'concerned' statements were lead by Ted Kennedy. Shockingly - yawn again. It was interesting all the same. I learned more about Alito. The senators pretty much acted as they always act with the cameras on them. Honestly though, how does anyone take Ted Kennedy seriously? When he said Alito's record 'troubles me deeply', am I the only one that thought of Ted Kennedy's troubling 'record'? Kennedy went on to talk about Alito's views being 'frightening' and that 'Average Americans' will have a hard time getting a 'fair shake' with Alito. He even implied that Alito would not be fair with 'persons of color'. While he's blubbering about all this, I couldn't help but think of the 'fair shake' Kennedy gives 'Average Americans'. Come on, Teddy, how average are you? How many of us could leave someone to drown in a shallow pond and not only side-step being charged with vehicular homicide, but go on to have a lengthy and powerful career in the Senate. Why do the good people of Massachusetts continue to elect this guy? Just because he's a Kennedy? Do they even think about who they are electing? One of my personal favorite senators, Lindsey Graham stated, "If we don't watch the way we treat Judge Alito, we're going to drive" good people away from the judiciary." He always seems so commonsensical to me. The Washington Post Online has the full transcripts of the hearings for anyone interested in seeing how the Senators and Judge Alito conducted themselves today.
There is a great parody on the hearing today at Striving For Average. Also, check out check out Elephant in my Coffee and My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Michelle Malkin, GM's Corner, and NIF. More later - I have stuff to do :)