Tuesday, January 10, 2006

psych-o, psych-o, daylight come but there's nobody home

What's with the love affair some aging and has-been hobbywood types have with third world despots? UNICEF spokesperson and AARP Person of the Year Harry Belafonte is at it again. He is buddying up with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and while visiting there called our President 'the greatest terrorist in the world'. Now, you know if he called Hugo Chavez anything other than wonderful while he's down there, he'd have his head lobbed off. Easy to criticise anything American... This is an 'American' who apparently can't find anything good to say about America. He and some of his buddies love the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. They actually seem to think these are free and loving societies. Don't they see the people who are desperately trying to get out of those countries? I would try to understand their logic, their reasoning, but I've never heard them even try to explain. They (Harry and friends) just say things like, 'Bush is evil and America is bad'. They don't say why America is bad. They don't say why Castro and Chavez are good. They just say America is bad and Castro and Chavez are good. So how can anybody figure out their logic? Of course he's entitled to his opinions. He also has the right to say whatever he wants to say - because he's an American. It's just irritating and, I think, dangerous. Some of Harry's other psych-o psych-o statements: October 2002 - Harry referred to Secretary of State Colin Powell as a 'house slave'. Belafonte's Racial Remarks Prompt Criticism, Anxiety August 2005 - Harry called Black Republicans 'black tyrants' and said they deserve how they are being treated. August 2005 - Harry equated the Bush administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Cybercast News Service Referring to Black Republicans (particularly Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell), Harry states:

I not only think that they are misguided, but I think they know exactly what they are doing, and I think that they are men who are possessed of evil.

And now he's all chummy with a guy who was recently dancing in the streets and jumping up and down to chants about how bad America and Bush are. A man who makes no bones of the fact that he would like to see America destroyed. So, Harry, speaking of misguided, you are welcome for the freedoms my father, uncles, husband and son have and are providing for you and others like you. Talk on. You have the right. It's been granted to you by other Americans who are willing to do the heavy-lifting to see that we continue to have the freedoms that allowed you to become famous and wealthy enough to get the media to report every day-o thing you say. Daylight come and there's nobody home. Hat tip to The Cozy Reader and The Violence Worker. Also: Rightwinged asks what Harry really wants to accomplish. Good question. Michelle Malkin asks him to please just stay in Venesuela. She has a good overview of some of his more psych-o moments. (I wish I'd seen her list before I wrote my little piddlin' of his statements above). Check out Sensible Mom's Useful Idiots Meanwhile, bedtime for me :) day - o, day - o Update: Check out Rhymes With Right's post on this Seditious Statements Abroad.