Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reading Blogs

I've run across some interesting things surfing around the internet between doing other things. But then, we always do don't we? The Median Sib has some outrageous information about an Ohio teacher giving children an assignment to study internet porn for his class. I heard a blurb about that somewhere else. I have to wonder what exactly it is he's trying to teach the kids? Most schools have to have filters on the computers to keep porn sites inaccessible to the students. This teacher gives them an assignment to look it up and write observations. Maybe he's a perv and gets his kicks that way. The world just gets curiouser and curiouser. Daddys Roses has a post that is somewhat related - just in the fact it's about schools and the increasing restrictions on discipline and/or consequences for the behavior of students. This has to be leading to difficulty in getting good teachers. Which of course, leads to a decay in the educational standards overall. I really enjoyed Ruthlace's post on How Old Is Old. She also has some Interesting Facts that are worth checking out. The Cozy Reader has some info that will help you find out what your power color is. Check it out. She's also got a lot of interesting posts. Check out Alone On A Limb - just cause he's alone on that limb and needs some company :) Actually, he's done a Thursday Thirteen list and his posts are worth checking out even though he's a raving liberal. He's my brother so we accept him anyway. (just kidding Alone on the Limb!) My favorite designer and stylist has a new blog Dollybelle's Peepshow. She has some of her work displayed. She is incredibly talented. She is preparing to move to Rome, Italy and we are very excited for her. My daughter just called me from the airport - she's back in the home land. She's been in Germany for the last 3 weeks visiting her brother and sister-in-law. I'm very happy she's home (almost home - in the same state and country anyway). It seemed she was gone a long time. It's a very long trip. She called me when they were leaving this morning - which was before I went to bed last night. I'm looking forward to hearing all about her visit .... More later:) ciao