Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Importance of Links!!!

Okay, I'm sick of being an adorable rodent. I don't like rodents and don't see anything adorable about them. When they have little mice on Christmas ornaments, I don't buy them. I don't think they are cute. I don't like Mickey or Minnie. The little mouse in the cartoon with the cat always chasing it .... it always outwitted the cat, but I wanted the cat to catch it. If that makes me a bad person - then so be it. I actually have a phobia about mice. I can't stand them. I will throw away anything that I think a mouse might have touched. They give me the willies. This blog has been stuck on 'Adorable Rodent' for a couple of days now. It needs 17 more links to get out of the rodent phase. I looked it up. I don't even like looking at that part of the page because I don't like the image 'rodent' puts in my head. This is a serious problem. I need links. Even mercy links, pity links, any kind of links to get me out of this 4th level of rodent-ness. So - if there is anything on here you might want to look back at some time - link. If there is anything on here you hate and want to make vicious fun of - link. I don't care - just link

With deepest regards and appreciation for your kind consideration of my neurosis.