Friday, March 14, 2008

Worrying About Identity Theft

There's been a lot of talk lately about identity theft. Sometimes I worry that I take my security about that too much for granted. I have never had a problem with it personally, so I don't think about it unless something is brought to my attention.

Recently, we have been getting bills for someone who doesn't live here. There are enough of them that I finally understood that someone was using our address to get credit cards and then spending to the limits on the cards. I sat down one afternoon and called all of the companies involved to let them know that they were being scammed and this person didn't live here. The bills stopped for a while. What has been interesting to me is now I'm getting credit offers in the same name as that person. In other words, the computers are spitting out credit offers for this person that had reneged on the bills she had run up a couple of years ago.

That whole situation got me to thinking about how easy someone can use someone else's name, address and identifying information to get credit. It would be a real problem if this person had actually used more than just our address. I went looking on the internet for information about identity theft and found some really good and informative articles at CreditLoan.

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I found their information on mortgages informative. I like to keep up with whether or not its a good time to refinance my mortgage, whether or not the costs of refinancing are worth the lower interest rate and the like.

That is only one small part of the information that is available at the website. They have articles, information and resources about Bankruptcy, bad credit loans, auto loans, debt consolidation and just about every other type loan you can think of.

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Its always good to stay informed and this website certainly helps you find the resources you need to stay informed regarding your finances.