Saturday, March 15, 2008

Carbon Neutral Search Engine

There's a new Plug-in for Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 7.0+ that facilitates a Carbon Neutral Search. This new service just launched in October 2007 and is geared towards reducing the carbon impact that is generated through online search queries.

The creators of this program have calculated the emissions produced by each search query, taking into account a wide array of variables including the country from which the query originates. Carbon Neutral Search utilizes the services of Climate Care, a leading offsetting organization in the United Kingdom, to offset the emissions of internet search queries.

The whole point of this new search engine technology is to highlight the need to reduce our carbon footprint on earth's natural resources. While they understand that internet searches are a small part of any one person's carbon footprint, they also understand that when those searches are multiplied by internet users globally the impact on earth becomes significant.

This is something that is simple and free that you can do to help. Check out their website for more information.