Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cool New MySpace Service

If you are into MySpace (and most people are!) there's a really cool new service you can use to personalize your MySpace page. Peerspin is a great free service that makes it very simple to spice up your MySpace with gadgets and themes.

They have over fifty applications and games ready to be put on your page. They also have over fifty home page themes. You can use Peerspin applications to replace the video ads on your home page. You can build a music playlist. The playlist is as easy as clicking an 'add' button when you visit other people's profiles.

Among other things you can send glitter text and create custom cards to send to your friends without having to do a lot of cutting and pasting. You can use the same program to customize your messages in email or comments.

There are so many really awesome applications that you need to go over to their website and check it out for yourself. Fix up your MySpace page like no one else. Find out how at Peerspin!