Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gun Blog Awards

It seems the blog awards are snubbing gun blogs. So The Countertop Chronicles has decided to run a Best of the Gun Blogs poll himself. Nominations taken through January 15th. Other details can be found at The Countertop Chronicles Check out my post on the dangers of gun control laws. Guns In Kennesaw

Speaking of gun control (segueing here to another subject), check out Freedom Folks who have a great post on Illegal Immigrants (tsk, tsk, that's supposed to be 'Undocumented' isn't it? The Progressives say so - get with the politically correct program here!). Freedom Folks has several posts on this subject and some good stats. Of particular interest to me:

A calculation is being made in Washington that a certain number of gang rapes and murders are acceptable so long as the dollars flow and trade crosses the border.

Sounds familiar. I've heard a very similar argument as to why we should not be fighting our enemies - a calculation of how many deaths to terrorism is acceptable versus the cost of actually defending ourselves. hmmmm ..... Doing my self-appointed duty to keep you informed of whatever I find interesting in the blogsphere.