Sunday, December 18, 2005

Monthly Marathon

The Median Sib is starting a Monthly Marathon. Sounds like a great idea. Check it out.

The New Year is almost here, and I have a good idea for those of us who want some inspiration to exercise regularly. Let's do a MONTHLY MARATHON. I'm going to work on a blogroll for it. Here are the conditions to join the blogroll: (1) For 2006, you promise to walk, run, skip, hop, or crawl 26.2 miles each month. This is a very do-able goal. You can cover 1 miles 26+ days each month, 2 miles 13+ days per month...You get the idea. (2) You will check in each month with your total mileage for the month. Who's interested? Let me know, and I'll get the blogroll started by the first of the year!