Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Healing Power of Chocolate

I went to a big whoop-te-do of a Christmas party this evening. Got all dolled up and looked pretty dadgume good if I do say so myself. The party went even better than I had hoped. We got 'er done. It was a great success and I'm still hyped. Preparations have been going on for weeks, painting, cleaning and planning. We had a decorator come in who said we needed more 'bling-bling' and he blinged the living daylights out of us. We were well blinged and it looked cheerful, tasteful and festive. He did a good job. I've worried and worked long hours and planned and worried some more. I've dreamed about it and thought of things I had not planned for and worried some more. Thought of things right up until people started arriving. I had a phone in both hands all day today. My husband commented this afternoon that I had a phone in both hands and was balancing one on my head all day. I haven't slept much and have eaten less. I didn't eat at all today. As the last of the guests were leaving tonight, I finally made my way over to the buffet. Wow! It was spactacular. The caterer I had hired really did a world-class job. The layout was stunning. The tables were artistically decorated with huge magnolia leaves among other things. And the food. The FOOD! I guess I was just standing there looking at it because all of the sudden I was aware of the caterer handing me a plate and saying, 'Ms. Beth, I'll be insulted if you don't eat some of everything.' Oh gee - I hate that!!! I wouldn't want to insult. She started loading the plate she had handed me with a little bit of everything. Salmon, meatballs, sauces that were to die for, some pineapple cheese ball type concoction, little stuffed tomatoes, all sorts of healthy and absolutely delicious delicate combinations of tastes. Even the punch was delicious. But, as my adrenaline levels started going down, and I was finally able to sit down for a minute, I kept eyeing the chocolates. Little squares of cheese cake, baklava, and little squares of some sort of chocolate nut pastry. I dutifully ate a little of everything (not wanting to insult the caterer). But it was the chocolate nut pastry things that kept my attention. I ate 3 of them. THREE! I'm a pig. But, oh my, all the planning and preparation had resulted in a very good party, the task was done, the fun had been had, the mission had been more than accomplished, the worry and work was over and I was starving. When faced with a decision between healthy food and chocolate, I will always choose chocolate. Today was a very good day. buona notte