Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, so much for slimming around blogdom anonymously. I have a large family and at least half of them have blogs! lol It's hopeless. The story of my life actually. Thank you for the happy birthday wishes from The Median Sib (who has been despicable and posted photos of me, one in a diaper and one covered in chocolate!). Daddy's Roses has posted a very nice birthday wish along with some Christmas trivia and info about a colonoscopy (do those things belong together?). Thanks to both of you for your birthday wishes :) My mother is over at RuthLace with an excellent post about a Chaplains report from Iraq. She also has some wonderful tells of her childhood. She has a wide variety of interesting articles on her blog, but not a mention of my birthday! That's okay though, she wrote me a very nice email reminding me of how pretty my daddy thought I was when I was born! lol My brother, Alone on a Limb didn't mention it, but he's male so he can't help it. I have a cousin on a blog too - but she's not likely to remember my birthday. I don't remember hers so I can't hold that against her! She's a Cozy Reader and has really been dressing up her blog a lot lately. I guess that's why she didn't think about my birthday. She says she's been sick and her son's inlaws are in town - but I see how it is! There are probably others, but they shall remain annonymous :) My husband actually remembered my birthday today. That's new and different. I think he saw the email my mother sent cause he mentioned it when I came home briefly after lunch. He took me out to dinner tonight, which was nice. Both of my children wished me happy birthday first thing this morning. Even my wonderful son who is overseas. It doesn't get better than THAT. Speaking of my husband and birthdays. Until the last few years, he always put my birthday down as December 21st on everything, so that when I tried to use insurance, for instance, it was turned down because the birthday didn't match. I've finally pounded it into his head - the 19th!!!! If for no other reason then that I can go to the doctor without having to go through an ordeal to get the insurance straightened out every time. He tries, but he doesn't remember anybody's birthdays. His children have to call him and remind him when it's their birthdays. It's pitiful really. But he means well :)