Sunday, March 12, 2006

Trading NFL Career for Marines

Marine Corp recruit, Jeremy Staat, left the NFL for a career as a Soldier of the United States of America.

He said he wanted to so do something that matters.

In the MSM's almost constant attempts to portray the Bush Administration as a complete failure by undermining our troops and the War on Terror we rarely hear about real heros. We generally are treated to a buffet of messages that give the impression the Battle of Iraq is failing, skewed polls that imply the President is losing the support of The People, Muslims are good and we are bad, and, lest we forget the constant whinning and seditionist activities of 'progressives' like this little boy.

It's a breath of fresh air when we get the opportunity to hear from real Americans. People who love their country and understand the danger we are facing. More importantly, we get to hear from the ones who are willing to do something about it.

These stories are out there everywhere, but we don't hear them much. The story of Jeremy Staat is one of those. There have been a couple of brief interviews on Fox News (I haven't seen it anywhere else). I had to look pretty hard on the internet to find an article about it.

These aren't the kinds of stories that support the image the MSM wants to portrary. Take the story of Matt Pottinger, I bet you don't recognize his name. But you sure recognize the little boy from Colorado's name.

It's all part of the attempt by the MSM and the 'progressives' to regain power in this country by undermining the President. In my opinion, they are willing to go to any length, even the loss of our rights, the loss of this war and the death of our Soldiers, as long as it backs up their claim that they should be in power.

So it's wonderful to realize there are still boys who grow up to be real men in this country. Even with the constant pressure to submit to the values of the 'progressives' most Americans are still moral and courageous.

About Jeremy Staat ...

Giving up the fame of the football field at 29 years old, one B Company recruit looked for a glory that was more permanent than any trophy.

“The big reason was because I was just really disgusted with the amount of money entertainers get and what they pay troops overseas,” said Staat. “It didn’t seem right that we pay all those entertainers millions to catch a football and we pay our Marines pennies to a dollar to catch a bullet,” said Staat.

Determined to leave, Staat spoke with a recruiter and left as soon as possible.

“I came in two months early, like ‘Let’s get it on,’” said Staat. “I wanted to be a part of something that is going to live forever instead of getting trophies. What are trophies good for – collecting dust? Most trophies get thrown in the garage. Who knows where they go after that?”

To him, playing for a team was temporary; being part of a legend was something people wouldn’t forget.

Attitude is everything ...

“If you change the mindset of what you are doing, you can turn it into a whole new experience,” said Staat. “I looked at field training like I was going camping. They are going to pay me to learn how to train and survive in the field.”

Staat said he found it amusing that people pay for the training that Marines are paid to complete.

“They train you to keep in shape. They put you on a diet,” said Staat. “People pay to do that.”

Supporting our Troops means supporting our Country. I hate hearing, 'I support our troops, I just don't support this war.' Our Country is at war. There is a Global War on Terrorism that is edging closer and closer to our shores and we need to wake up and understand that.

Hooah for men like Jeremy Staat and Matt Pottinger. You'll hear very little about this on the news.

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