Monday, March 13, 2006

Is Peace Moonbeam a Fraud?

I've been studying the Supreme MoonBat, Peace Moonbeam's blog for some time now.

I really can't believe this chick. She hasn't grown up a bit since 1968. I've thought all along that the picture she's had on her site was probably TAKEN in 1968! HA!

I went over to her blog tonight to see what kind of ridiculous, outrageous, Anti-American, childishness she's been up to lately. Sure enough, she's FINALLY updated the pic on her blog. Go see it. I knew she wasn't really that cute. I just knew it.

In fact, I think the picture at the bottom of her latest post is really her. She says it's her so-called friend Scooter but if you take note of the under-arm hair you'll see what I mean.

I read her last three posts tonight. This flower child has been to see Fidel, Chavez, beaten poor little bunnies to death and gone to the Oscars just in the last month.

And she doesn't have a job. I'm sure she doesn't pay taxes.

To make matters even worse, half the right-leaning men on the internet are in love with her. Not that I care.

Grow up guys - she's a fraud. Look at her new photo! She's an aging, misguided, looney, perpetually adolescent, PETA, vegan, MoonBat, Manson-Girl Wanna-be.

Besides, she beat that poor little bunny to death after torturing it for Lord only knows how long!

What really irritated me about the whole thing tonight is that I was drinking a coke when I read her blog. Now I need a new keyboard and my monitor is a mess.

I would sue her - but she doesn't have a job.

Maybe she'll let me borrow her designed-by-a-little-bit-gay-designer Oscar gown as reparations for the damage her blog has done to my keyboard and monitor.

I wonder what color the gown is ....

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