Monday, December 12, 2005

More harassment of A Female Soldier 2

Just a quick glance at A Female Soldier 2's blog, I ran across these comments to her posts. So the harassment continues. Some examples:

You will "address the issue of comments" by doing what every other Republican milblogger does. You will censor them, because when it comes right down to it you words about "freedom" are completely hollow. For you, "freedom" is the "freedom" to agree. Or be shot. Or be set on fire with white phosphorous.

Or whatever. Enjoy your war. Your Fuhrer is sending you to Iran next. That one's going to make Iraq look like a day at the beach.

She is not fighting for me. Her mission is eroding my freedom and making Americans less secure. The U.S. military's actions in Iraq have at times outraged me, and they make me nervous about the retaliation to come.
The U.S. should never have gone there, and we shouldn't be there now. We have done far more harm than good. We've destroyed that country and triggered a firestorm of death there. That, not freedom, has been the U.S. military's contribution to the suffering people of Iraq.
And yet more:
Ah, but these people are our friends. They send almost all of the people who take down the WTC towers and the Pentagon, but we're their friends.

p.s.: Come on, Female Soldier, show your true colors and ban me. All that junk about free speech was never anything but a bunch of window dressing, was it?

And all of these comments were from just one post! Thanks Cao for bringing this to the attention of others.