Friday, December 16, 2005

Blue Star Families and Friends

Empress Baggie left this note in my comments. I wanted to highlight it here because her website is very much worth visiting. And - well - it relates to this blog :) Thanks Empress for the great work you are doing for the families of soldiers in your town!

Dear Blue Star Chronicles: Please keep up the good work. We had a group in our town get together and sew service flags (Blue Star Banners) at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We're not able to continue sewing the flags (interest waned and myself and only one other person were left doing all the work), but here's the Web site that shows the work we did. We hope to get it going again this coming year. Blue Star Families & Friends May God bless you. I'll be visiting your site often. Merry Christmas! Very truly yours,


Visit Blue Star Families & Friends