Monday, March 24, 2008

LOST Promotional Video: The Shape of Things to Come

I love these promos - I guess you could tell if you come here at all. This is for The Shape of Things to Come. I. Can't. Wait.

Here's the write up.

"The Shape of Things to Come" is the ninth episode of the American Broadcasting Company's fourth season of Lost and seventy-eighth episode overall. It will air on April 24, 2008 on ABC in the United States and on CTV in Canada.[1] The episode was written by co-executive producer Drew Goddard in mid-February 2008 and filmed in mid-March.

Goddard said that writing the episode was "maybe my favorite thing I've done on Lost, and I've been lucky with all the episodes I've gotten so far."[2] Karl (played by Blake Bashoff) is shot dead at the end of the previous episode and Bashoff has confirmed that if Karl's corpse is seen in "The Shape of Things to Come", it will not be played by him.