Friday, November 30, 2007

Survivor China Votes Off James

James ClementWHAT is going on with this season's Survivor!!??!!?? First we have Jaime Dugan trying to play an immunity idol that wasn't really an immunity idol. Now we have James with two immunity idols and he doesn't play either one of them!

JAMES!!! What were you thinking? You had two (TWO!!!) immunity idols. I don't think anyone has had two immunity idols before in the history of the show and you STILL got voted off! Why didn't you play one of the idols!

He explained at the end that he just held on too long. Yes, I would say you did. You were one of the best, most common-sensical players this year and you had TWO immunity idols! They did blindside you, no doubt about that, but you knew you couldn't trust them. I think you just got too sure of yourself. I think having two immunity idols left you feeling invincible. And really, why didn't you share them? That would have won you a lot of good will! Especially considering you wouldn't have had the immunity idols if Todd hadn't told you where they were. Big mistake, in my opinion.

I thought right up to the end that you would pull out the idol and save yourself. But you didn't and now you are gone. The show will be less interesting because you were a very likable player. Of course, you won everything which is why they got rid of you. They knew they couldn't win against you if they ended up in the last show with you. THAT is why you should have been watching your back better.

Well, he showed a lot of class in his leaving comments. He kept his dignity and he never took a bite of the apple. He knew better than to let himself be tempted. Unfortunately, his teammates not only took a bite of the apple, but as Amanda said, baked an apple pie.

Good luck, James. I have a feeling this isn't the last we see of you.