Sunday, December 11, 2005

Join Blue Star Blogroll

Join the Blue Star Blogroll Blue Star Blogroll
Primary Purpose: The primary purpose of creating the Blue Star Blogroll is to facilitate a network of bloggers who have a special and sincere interest in the well-being of soldiers serving as part of the United States Armed Forces. Allied forces are also welcome. Hopefully, it will help us find each other and provide a network of support for those of us with a child serving our country.
Eligibility: First, get an understanding of what the Blue Star Banner stands for. The Blue Star Banner was first introduced during World War I to indicate that a child was serving the country in the military. A summary of the history and meaning of the Blue Star Banner can be found at this post. The post also contains links to other sites that give more information about the Blue Star Banner. Secondly, but most importantly, members of the Blue Star Blogroll support our troops. Regardless of differences of opinion, we are united in our support and appreciation of the men and women in the Armed Forces. Primary members of the Blue Star Blogroll would be anyone who has a child serving in the military. Other members of the Blue Star Blogroll are relatives and friends of our military men and women. Requirements: A Blue Star Blogroll banner or button can be displayed on a non-blog website as well as a blog. It should be linked to this post. Any Blue Star Blogroll banners or buttons that do not link back to this blog will be deleted from the roll. Please create a post explaining the Blue Star Blogroll's significance, especially it's significance to you and link it back to the:
The Blog Roll will be in alphabetical order. Instructions for joining: Buttons and Banners can be found here. 1. Choose a button or banner and download it to your computer by right clicking on the image. 2. Upload it to your photo program 3. Install it into your template. 4. Link the image to this URL 5. Cut and paste the following script into your sidebar. Replace ( or ) with <>
(script language="javascript" src="" type="text/javascript")(/script)
6. If you need further help with this, please let me know and I'll try. Parents or family members: In the tradition of the Blue Star Banner, the number of stars on your image indicates the number of children you have in the military. If you have one child/relative in the military, you should choose an image with one Blue Star. If you have 5 children in the military, you should choose an image with five Blue Stars. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comments section of this post and I will do my best to help. Thanks!!